It Derby Day! Glynda’s Dare on Sale!

It’s Derby Day! I’ve been watch the pre-show, with the hats and the horses, enjoying the gala, while sharing the news of my book sale!
When Glynda lands a job on a thoroughbred horse farm, she finds her odds of survival just improved! In honor of our famous horse race, the e-book is on sale! Get yours!
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Enjoy Derby Days with GLYNDA’S DARE

The SALE is Active! 99 cents for 11 more hours! Get yours! Put a kick in your derby day with Glynda’s Dare!

In honor of the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend, I decided to try Amazon’s e-Book countdown (or countup) sale. If you haven’t gotten Glynda’s Dare, give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun and full of suspense. It also holds some memories of surviving hurricane loss for me (couldn’t resist the catharsis). It starts at $.99, easing up a couple of times before returning to its normal e-Book price.

GD ad-99

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Twisted Fate

Welcome to Ruthorford–the oh-so perfect southern town–where the secrets are buried deep. Amazon:



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Release Day for Twisted Fate!

As many of you know, I live and work in two worlds–as a communications specialist and as an author. Both require extraordinary concentration and multi-tasking. The first I keep because I love the security of a steady income, as well as the camaraderie I share with my coworkers. The other is my passion, my obsession, and my salvation.

Today it is my extreme pleasure to announce the publication of Twisted Fate by Shanon Grey. It’s on Amazon:

“Ruthorford—the perfect southern town, with even more perfect descendants. Except, perfection has come with a price. Now, in order to survive, they must turn to outsiders for help.
A missing body and an accident that looks like a set-up force the powers that be to call in the one person they know they can trust with their secrets. However, when she uncovers secrets even the descendants don’t know about, things start heating up—in the investigation and between people that should know better. Yet, in Ruthorford, nothing is ever as it seems and, this time, new discoveries could threaten the descendants’ very existence.
Welcome to Ruthorford—where science and magic merge.”

Available today on Amazon! Print and Digital!

TwistedFate3DtransTwisted Fate padtransparency

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Happy New Year!!!

From my home to yours — Have a prosperous, healthy, and happy new year! Twisted Fate should be released soon and I will dive into a few more stories I have up my sleeve. Thank you for all your interest and support in 2018 and I look forward to an even better and more exciting 2019! Happy New Year!!!

Shanon Grey


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Hometown Novels Night

Hey y’all. I’ve been busy finishing up Twisted Fate and learning the in’s and out’s of publishing on KDP. Formatting, reformatting, editing, matching. Two different formats for digital and print. Then, I couldn’t get in touch with my cover artist. Yep, I decided to do it myself. I love it–the cover, not the process. But I can’t get the full wrap I created to work with the template. I am NOT a graphic artist. But, I am determined.


20181202_144109In the meantime, I forgot to post about the December 2, Moreland Hometown Christmas, which was so much fun. I even got to talk with Santa. Answering that tough question, “Have you been naughty or nice?” kinda stumped me. I asked for his definition. I got a “Ho Ho Ho.”

Up to the present–come one, come all, to Roger’s Bar-B-Que, on December 20th, from 7 p.m., on, for the Hometown Novels Night. It’s off I-85, Exit 28, Hogansville, GA. I will be joining two other authors to talk books and writing. Bring your questions and your appetites!


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Merry Mabon! Happy Fall!

20180922_191655Officially, today was the last sunset of summer. You wouldn’t know it by the temperatures here in north Georgia. It was in the mid 90’s again today. But, as we pulled into the driveway, there were a smattering of leaves on the drive–surely, a sign fall is here.

I finished my latest manuscript just as summer finished her hold on the season. It’s off to the editor, while I try to find another cover artist. Mine seems to have disappeared. There are always glitches. Books never flow smoothly from start to finish.

My “day-job” seems to demand more and more of my time, but my stories still compel me to tell them. So, I work 9 to 10 hours a day, fix a quick dinner for the hubs and me, and turn into my alter-ego, Shanon Grey. My passion continues to drive me as hard today as it did the first day I laid pen to paper. Yep, I can go back that far. My first manuscript was also paranormal and had to be submitted to the Sci-Fi arena, where it was promptly rejected as not being part of any known genre. Too bad they weren’t selling stock in that unknown “paranormal” genre back then. I’d be very wealthy.

Alas, I do what I do for the fulfillment it gives me. My fans are marvelous and incredibly patient, waiting the long time it takes to finish each work.

So, we slip into fall and another story begs to be written. I hope your days are happy and your passions fulfilled. If you want to slip away into a world where things aren’t quite as they seem, you are welcome to visit Ruthorford. Things are always happening in the perfect southern town, where magic and science merge!

20180922_191649From my cottage to yours — Happy Fall!

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Summer Flies By


From the comfort of my cottage in the woods I watch the summer slip away, finding myself already in August, almost finished with my current work in progress. This novel, a Ruthorford story I’ve been asked over and over to write, brings the reader back to the quaint Southern town to slip into the descendants’ lives–the good, the bad, and the unexpected.

I have had a summer in sync with those in Ruthorford, just getting the roof replaced just before the rains came. We stayed dry and safe as tornadoes and flash floods surprised so many, tearing up lives. Fortunately, all we have to deal with is a bit of erosion. It goes to show you–live for the present, pray for the future, and expect the unexpected.

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July at Moreland. I met lots of people, 20180704_091110aintroducing  many to Ruthorford for the first time. I also got to introduce a young girl to a whirligig, something I had seen since I was a child. I bought some and stuck them in a bucket with Tootsie Roll pops for the kids. The young girl was so cute. She was fascinated by the brightly colored pinwheel, but had no idea how it works. I had to show her how to blow on it to get it to spin. You’d have thought I’d introduced her to magic. Of course, you never know. Maybe I did.

There were crafts and goodies of all sorts and lots and 20180704_120311lots of good things to eat. They’d started the BBQ the day before while we were setting up and I found myself drooling the entire time. The pavilion housed crafters and bakers and artisans. They even had a cockatoo to entertain. At times I wasn’t quite sure who was being entertained, the bird or the crowd. The weather was perfect, just a bit hot, but everyone had a blast.


I hope all of you have a great rest of the summer!

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Moreland Celebrates the 4th!

I get to be my alter-ego, Shanon Grey, on the 4th! Sid and I will be at the annual Moreland 4th celebration. We get to stay nice and cool in the Puckett Station Museum. Come early, the barbecue sells out fast! Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday to our beloved United States!
If you can’t make it, my stories are readily available:

Amazon –
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:
Barnes & Noble –




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A Ruthorford 4th!

A Ruthorford 4th!


“No, no, no!” Teresa called to the boys toting a picnic tablepicnic table across the slopping lawn of the bed and breakfast. “Not too close to the creek. We want plenty of room for the quilts to be set up for everyone to pierchildsee the fireworks.” She used a hand-tatted handkerchief to dab at the light sheen of sweat on her neck, then tucked it back into the waistband of her khakis. That handkerchief or one similarly pretty, had become a symbol. It bespoke more to her inner feminine side hidden beneath her customary attire of a crisp shirt tucked into a pair of khaki pants. As owner of Abbott Bed & Breakfast, it wasn’t often that she donned more than a serviceable costume—one fit for helping strip and remake a room in a hurry, or shoulder a tray of food from the kitchen.

She felt the arm around her shoulder before Morgan’s soft voice touched her ears. “Why ice teadon’t you slow down for a second? It looks fabulous.” Morgan squeezed her friend’s shoulder and placed a tall glass of sweet tea in her hand, the outside of the glass already wet with cold beads of water.

“Thanks,” Teresa smiled at the sun-kissed face of the redhead standing next to her. She never stopped being awed by the natural beauty of the young woman who’d become such a part of Ruthorford. Looking almost identical to her deceased birth mother, Morgan’s emerald green eyes sparkled in merriment as she twisted the mass of red curls atop her head, fastening it with a clasp. “Have you seen Dorian?”

Distracted, Teresa’s gaze moved over the lawn and the bevy of people setting it up for the 4th of Julypicnic crowd get together. “I haven’t seen him since this morning. He got a call from Miss Alice and Miss Grace. Maybe he’s still at their place. Where are the twins?” She raised the glass and took a sip before resting the cold glass against her forehead. picnic table family“That really helped.” She pulled out the handkerchief once more to wipe the beads of moisture from her forehead.

Morgan pointed to a blanket on the lawn and the youngest descendants of Ruthorford being entertained by one of Rowe’s many young cousins, in town for the festivities. She was blowing bubbled over the twins heads, making them giggle with glee.

Remembering her question, she replied, “Oh, I remember. I was a little busy with the twins when he told me.” When Dorian had told her about the ceremony the year before,  involving Ruthorford’s legendary birds carrying sparkling streamers, she was amazed. Of course, everything she’d seen and learned in the time since she’d first arrived in Ruthorford had astounded her. At her flurry of questions about the birds, Dorian merely shrugged, adding, “The owl2owls and falcons are the purview of the sisters. I remember sneaking over there as a kid, having heard stories. I’d just managed to step into the barn when a huge owl swooped past me, knocking me to the ground. Miss Alice appeared out of nowhere, lecturing me about trespassing and then feeding me so much pie that I completely forgot why I was there. Some things are meant to remain a mystery, I guess.” Morgan had known he knew more than he was telling, but she let him distract her with a kiss. She now smiled at that memory.

“No,” Teresa called to several girls, her voice bringing Morgan back to the present. “Spread those quilts further apart and closer to the bank. Has anyone seen Rowe?”

“He’s down by the creek giving last-minute instructions to his cousins,” a young voice called from the side of the building, where wisps of smoke carried the aroma of the roastinggrilled meats pork, beef, and chicken drifted across the lawn, promising another bountiful BBQ, this time by Eryk, now Ruthorford’s BBQ Chef, the replacement for Teresa’s deceased husband.

“Good,” Teresa called back. “Make sure Eryk gets some tea.”

Morgan noticed the frown etching Teresa’s brow. “You okay?” she asked. You look a little green.

Teresa patted Morgan’s hand. “Just the heat.” Then, she burst out with a laugh as she turned and watched Mike Yancy stop a tray from slipping off the shoulder of Sandra, who’d been helping run the Abbott Bed & Breakfast when Bill became ill. For all his juggling, Dr. Yancy still managed to get a glass of ice water down the front of him and, almost a second one, when Sandra spun around to apologize. Still smiling, he walked over and handed Teresa a flower. “Good thing I brought a change of clothes,” he laughed, heading up to the bed and breakfast to change.

Teresingle flowersa glanced down at the flower and called to Mike’s retreating back, “You better not have gotten this out of my side garden, Mike Yancy.” But the smile on her face told Morgan she wasn’t all that upset if he had.

Sandra called out, “Sorry, Mike,” smiled sheepishly and shrugged her shoulders, almost upsetting the tray once more. Others carted trays of plates, napkins, knives and forks to the buffet line near the building. Over the years, the arrangement had changed little, the bed and breakfast having perfected the best way to serve large amounts of food to the horde of residents that would soon descend upon the annual cookout and fireworks celebration.

“I almost forgot,” Morgan said, pulling a picture out of her pocket, “I found this in myold sisters mother’s things. Do you think it’s Miss Alice and Miss Grace?” She handed Teresa the picture. Teresa studied it. “I wouldn’t be surprised. I heard they were quite the athletes in their day.” She laughed, looking at the picture. “What would this make them, a hundred and something?” She glanced over at the two women directing traffic around they buffet. They looked to be in their seventies, maybe. But, hadn’t they always, she thought to herself and looked once more at the picture before handing it back. “You can ask them if it’s them. I’m sure not going to.”

Morgan pocketed the picture. “I don’t think so.” She laughed.

lakeTeresa took another sip of tea. “You know, I can’t remember when it’s been this hot in Ruthorford. Or dry.” She looked across the wide creek that had narrowed from lack of rain.

“Bask made sure the new fire engine was delivered this morning. We have two already in position,” Morgan reassured Teresa, knowing Teresa would find it in herself to worry about things easily left to others.

Teresa nodded, reassured. After all, Bask was Ruthorford. He single-handedly ran the Abbott House, the foundation that owned Ruthorford, and ensured that what went on in Ruthorford, stayed in Ruthorford.

“Why don’t you take a break and cool off,” Morgan suggested, lightly touching her arm and giving a low-level push. “I’ve got things covered here. I think I saw Mike come back out couple under treeand head over to the buffet table,” she added. “People are starting to find their spots.” It was one of her greatest hopes that Mike and Teresa would one day resume the friendship they’d had before Bill had returned to Ruthorford and become match-mated to Teresa.

Teresa looked around once more before answering, “I think I will,” she said and smiled at Morgan, “after I check on Eryk.” As she turned and headed across the lawn toward the side of the old Victorian, she called over her shoulder, “…and not because of any push you did.”

She heard Morgan’s laugh as she rounded the corner and saw Eryk taking a long swig of tea. “I’m glad to see you’re hydrating,” Teresa said.

He turned and looked at her, his eyes crinkling. “If my magic was any good, I’d make it a Long Island Iced Tea.”

She rose on tiptoe and planted a kiss on his cheek, still awed by Dorian’s twin. “Hmm. I’ve heard of water into wine, but never tea into liquor.”

“Have you seen Jasmine?” he asked, laughing and eying his glass.hawkj

“I think she’s with Dorian. She is keeping an eye on Brinn,” Teresa supplied. Brinn was the hawk that had attached herself to Jasmine and followed her back to Ruthorford and now lived atop their Victorian in the town Eryk purchased called Merlyn’s Roost. It provided a place for those leaving Safe Harbor to begin their trek back into the real world again. It also gave his crew a wonderful place to winter over before they started their tours of the fairs again, using his real magic to enhance his magic shows.

Teresa strolled down the backside of the buffet, taking inventory as she moved. “We’ll fried chickenneed more potato salad in about ten minutes. Make room for Miss Grace’s pies. And bring more napkins,” she called after the young woman who took off to do her bidding.

Teresa let her gaze travel from the chatting residents heaping potato salad onto their already food-laden plates, across the lawn, to the table where Becky and Talbot Briscoe sat with Morgan, their adopted daughter, and the twins. Morgan had rescued Rowe’s younger cousin when one of the twins started making the bubble blower produce gigantic bubbles. Dorian now sat next to Morgan, his arm slung possessively across the back of her chair. Miss Alice stepped up, planted a loud kiss on Dorian’s cheek and offered the pie she was serving. Teresa smiled as she watched Miss Alice serve, not one, but two hefty pieslices of pie onto Dorian’s raised plate. She was glad he was taking the opportunity to share a bite with his family before he and Eryk manned the fireworks station across the water. They were the obvious choice to set off the impressive fireworks display, since they could do it from a distance. With their natural abilities, they could probably set them eveningwaitoff from this side of the creek. However, Bask insisted they be set up and managed from the other side of the water. As if thinking up the devil, she saw the tall, lean man making his way to Dorian, stopping to say hello as he went. He caught her eye and waved.

jasAt the table near the old willow tree, Brenda Garrett had joined Kateri Chance and Rowe Davis. Kat’s latest showing had been awoman and cat huge success at the Gallery in town. Rowe scooted down to make room for Dink, who’d better not be discussing business today. She managed Elements, the Native American store, and was a pit bull when it came to merchandising. Not to worry, Teresa saw Brenna and David McKenzie join the group and knew the young owners of Chapters, Ruthorford’s bookstore, would keep the table lively and steered away from shop talk.

The sound of children running drew her attention and she allowed herself one moment ofchildrenrunning concern as she watched them race under the willow toward the water. As if materializing from thin air, Rowe’s cousins stopped the youngsters before they could fall into the rock-strewn creek.

Yes, from what she could see, most of Ruthorford was here. And water melonthey all were enjoying themselves, in spite of the heat. With the large fans positioned in the ancient trees, the warm air kept moving, so no one seemed bothered by the temperature.

She watched Dorian give Morgan a quick kiss before heading off to set up the fireworks show. Most everyone had filled their plates and found a spot, either at a table or on one ofpicnic couple2the quilts. The heat sensitive foods were already being moved inside and desserts were taking their place. She reached over and grabbed a cold kabob of strawberries, melons, and peaches, plucking a ripe Georgia peach from the end and popping it into her mouth. She smiled at the cold sweetness.

She felt Mike Yancy’s hand on her back as he managed two loaded plates with the other.

“Think you got enough food?” she teased.

“One’s for you. I know you won’t eat and I can’t have you wasting away,” he teased bapicnic in the treesck.

“Stop that,” she chuckled and swatted at him, letting him lead her to their table, set away off to the side but with a clear view. Tradition had it that for the next few moments, the staff watched the buffet, letting Teresa enjoy a few moments of “down time.” While she and Mike were munching on the final bits of BBQ and discussing the success of the day’s sparklersevents, the lights, strung throughout the trees to illuminate nighttime dining, blinked out, the only light from the sparklers children waved in the air. Within moments, the night sky burst into an explosion of red, blues, and yellows, to gasps and squeals of appreciation . Pinwheels, star-bursts, giant red fireworkchrysanthemums, purple comets, willows, and serpents filled the sky. Oooh’s and aaah’s rose from the crowd as display after display filled the night.

When the sky finally darkened, no one moved. Everyone waited in anticipation. In the owldistance, the silence was broken by owls screeching, and hawks screaming. The sound of beating wings grew louder. From the bend in the river, above the trees, streamers of sparkling light appeared, moving like long serpents, following the course of the river. Astreamers collective ahh rose from the crowd, as the large birds flew over the lawn, carrying streamers of shimmering iridescent colors. As they passed the creek, they released their burdens. The ribbons of light dropped downward, caught in the breeze, twisting and undulated, at last coming to rest on the water, setting it afire with sparkling colors, created from energy infused crushed gems painted on woven sheaths purple nightof grass. As the ribbons absorbed the water and sank, the lights floated downward, given the moving water a multidimensional quality. All of the birds slipped off into the distance, except one lone hawk, who circled until she found Jasmine and lightly landed on the woman’s gloved arm.  Jasmine turned and lifted her arm so Brinn could stretch her wings and, with a flourish, they bowed. The crowd offered light applause, not wanting to frighten the hawk. As the light from the gems winked out, the trees, once again sparkled from hidden lights. Quietly, the Ruthorford descendants rose and bade their farewells, feeling the connection, the unity, and the magic they shared.


Celebrate RuthorfordEnjoy the stories of Ruthorford’s descendants. Meet Morgan and Dorian in THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS, Jasmine and Eryk in MEADOW’S KEEP, and Glynda and Tom in GLYNDA’S DARE. Don’t forget Kat and Rowe in PENNYROYAL CHRISTMAS. All are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

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