Goodbye December. Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022.

I’ll tell you what, I am not sorry to see 2021 go, even if it does make me another year older. It was exhausting. I actually wrote my eighth novel, but everything turned on its head and I finally caved and decided to wait and publish it in early 2022. My editors love it and think you will, too.

My husband’s radiation ended in December but we have stayed very close to home with him recovering and Covid cases rising. He’s doing well. My sister and BIL did share Thanksgiving and my birthday (yesterday) with us, but my children couldn’t visit this year.

My wishes are for all to have a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2022. Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas

From my home to yours, have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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Come to Ruthorford

In Ruthorford, every season holds magic. Ruthorford stories by Shanon Grey are available in e-book and/or print on Amazon.

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How It All Began – The Shoppe of Spells

Morgan isn’t who she thinks she is. She’s about to find out she’s much more than she ever dreamed. Coming to Ruthorford to find out will put her on a course over which she has no control.

Ruthorford – A town of promises; a town of secrets; a town like no other–where science and magic merge. Revered by neighboring tribes for hundreds of years, the exquisite area was settled by the few special families chosen by a tribal counsel. Those families and their descendants were and are protected and helped by the original Native Americans and their descendants, sharing a bond and a secret that forms their legacy.

Visit Ruthorford and explore their legacy, their lives, and their magic. Perfect for any season.

THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS by Shanon Grey: available in e-format and print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also find it on Smashwords.

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Looking Back

As I start editing my 8th novel, I realize how far I’ve come and where it all began. A culmination of circumstances–Katrina, a child’s illness, and my husband getting laid off–brought us to the low mountains of Georgia. Honestly, writing novel after novel while working was not in the forefront of my mind.

But, something else was in play. The area called to me, teasing my brain with imagery and ideas. So, I let it take over and started writing. The Shoppe of Spells was born and Ruthorford was created. During this time, I learned that my best friend and surrogate mother had cancer and was not doing well, so I made a trip to Virginia to see her. No sooner had I walked into her room than she smiled and asked, “Is it finished yet?”

“Almost,” I said.

“You create a place for me?”

“I think so,” I told her and proceeded to describe my concept of Ruthorford. When I got to the bed and breakfast, she smiled.

“I can see myself running a bed and breakfast,” she said “You know I always wanted to.”

So, now you know. Teresa was based on Mary, a very talented empath and kindness personified.

Sadly, Mary didn’t live long enough to see it published, but I know that she knows. (In fact, I wrote about that in “A Real Haunting” under the heading Ruthorford on my website.)

If you haven’t had a chance, give The Shoppe of Spells a read. Follow Morgan Briscoe to Ruthorford where she finds her differences aren’t all that different–at least not in Ruthorford. You’ll find yourself returning again and again, just as I do, falling in love with the people of this perfect southern town where science and magic merge.

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September is Prostate Awareness Month

My husband has given me permission to share this with you. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is already a survivor of bladder and kidney cancer. Had it not been for checkups for those, the prostate cancer might not have been found. Fortunately, it is contained and he will be able to do radiation treatments for it.

What makes this different is what it has taken to get where we are. It took a second opinion to get an actual biopsy. We already knew, but watchful waiting was not an option we agreed with, since an MRI has shown it had increased in size from when they found it a year or so earlier. A biopsy, multiple PSA’s, a genetic test, and several MRI’s gave us the information needed and a more thorough education on Prostate Cancer. After much vigilance and many different doctors’ appointments, we, finally, seem to be on the right track.

With September being Prostate Awareness Month, I am attaching a link to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, where my husband got some very useful information. Please, it is imperative that you be your own best advocate. As we keep being told, “Most men die with prostate cancer, not from it.” But, they can die. It is silent. Men–get checked. Women–make sure your men get checked. Don’t become a statistic!

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9/11 Ingrained Forever in My Mind

I will always remember what I was doing on 9/11, not that it was anything significant. What is significant is that our lives changed forever that day. Our sense of security was destroyed. I wanted my family within arms reach forever. We, as a nation, gathered as one in a single purpose. Something I thought would never change. Time eased the pain and the fear, and a mere two decade later, we are so divided, we can barely stand one another. When our fellow citizens were faced with a deadly pandemic, we turned away, rather than work together. When our capital, and our very government, was attacked, we took sides–even the government took sides. I pray that, on this day or remembrance, we all look within ourselves and remember that once we were all a part of a single purpose, defending our wonderful nation and its amazing people.

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Embrace the Difference

Being born different led to the desire to create a place where being different would be considered normal. Hence, Ruthorford was created. And, like any good town, it’s grown. Each story stands alone and, yet, weaves more and more together. Embrace the difference. Come to Ruthorford where differences are celebrated.



Barnes and Noble

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Spelling Counts: Shanon Grey w/ one “n”

I learned that spelling counts. For those looking for my alter ego, PLEASE spell it with one “n”, Shanon Grey. Otherwise, you will get something entirely different (which is okay, if that’s your preference). I, as Shanon Grey, write suspense, paranormal, and romance. #books #pseudonym

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Shanon Grey Exposed

I don’t combine my work life and my author life. Friday, I was in a meeting with a group of leaders (much higher than me–I’m a worker-bee and somehow got put in as a representative for our department) when the head of the group said, “Jerry Hampton.”

I answered, “Yes ma’am,” thinking I’d either done something wrong or forgotten to do it at all.

She said, “I learned something today. Of course, I had to do a bit of sleuthing to find out, but I discovered that you are a published author, quite prolific.”

Then, she announced to the group my author name, Shanon Grey. She told us that when she saw me, she shouted, “I know her!”

Good thing I didn’t have my camera on because, at that moment, Shanon Grey was not in the building. Lol. I have to admit, I smiled for the rest of the day.

Jerry Hampton aka Shanon Grey
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