Shanon Grey is on Karen’s Killer Book Bench

Hi! I have attached a link to Karen’s Killer Book Bench, where I am being hosted today! Please stop by and learn the secrets behind my cover. Having lost my cover artist, I was on my own. Determination…and some other-worldly help…created a truly magical book cover for Twisted Fate!
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It Derby Day! Glynda’s Dare on Sale!

It’s Derby Day! I’ve been watch the pre-show, with the hats and the horses, enjoying the gala, while sharing the news of my book sale!
When Glynda lands a job on a thoroughbred horse farm, she finds her odds of survival just improved! In honor of our famous horse race, the e-book is on sale! Get yours!
GD Horse ad_4
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Enjoy Derby Days with GLYNDA’S DARE

The SALE is Active! 99 cents for 11 more hours! Get yours! Put a kick in your derby day with Glynda’s Dare!

In honor of the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend, I decided to try Amazon’s e-Book countdown (or countup) sale. If you haven’t gotten Glynda’s Dare, give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun and full of suspense. It also holds some memories of surviving hurricane loss for me (couldn’t resist the catharsis). It starts at $.99, easing up a couple of times before returning to its normal e-Book price.

GD ad-99

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Twisted Fate

Welcome to Ruthorford–the oh-so perfect southern town–where the secrets are buried deep. Amazon:



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Release Day for Twisted Fate!

As many of you know, I live and work in two worlds–as a communications specialist and as an author. Both require extraordinary concentration and multi-tasking. The first I keep because I love the security of a steady income, as well as the camaraderie I share with my coworkers. The other is my passion, my obsession, and my salvation.

Today it is my extreme pleasure to announce the publication of Twisted Fate by Shanon Grey. It’s on Amazon:

“Ruthorford—the perfect southern town, with even more perfect descendants. Except, perfection has come with a price. Now, in order to survive, they must turn to outsiders for help.
A missing body and an accident that looks like a set-up force the powers that be to call in the one person they know they can trust with their secrets. However, when she uncovers secrets even the descendants don’t know about, things start heating up—in the investigation and between people that should know better. Yet, in Ruthorford, nothing is ever as it seems and, this time, new discoveries could threaten the descendants’ very existence.
Welcome to Ruthorford—where science and magic merge.”

Available today on Amazon! Print and Digital!

TwistedFate3DtransTwisted Fate padtransparency

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Happy New Year!!!

From my home to yours — Have a prosperous, healthy, and happy new year! Twisted Fate should be released soon and I will dive into a few more stories I have up my sleeve. Thank you for all your interest and support in 2018 and I look forward to an even better and more exciting 2019! Happy New Year!!!

Shanon Grey


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Hometown Novels Night

Hey y’all. I’ve been busy finishing up Twisted Fate and learning the in’s and out’s of publishing on KDP. Formatting, reformatting, editing, matching. Two different formats for digital and print. Then, I couldn’t get in touch with my cover artist. Yep, I decided to do it myself. I love it–the cover, not the process. But I can’t get the full wrap I created to work with the template. I am NOT a graphic artist. But, I am determined.


20181202_144109In the meantime, I forgot to post about the December 2, Moreland Hometown Christmas, which was so much fun. I even got to talk with Santa. Answering that tough question, “Have you been naughty or nice?” kinda stumped me. I asked for his definition. I got a “Ho Ho Ho.”

Up to the present–come one, come all, to Roger’s Bar-B-Que, on December 20th, from 7 p.m., on, for the Hometown Novels Night. It’s off I-85, Exit 28, Hogansville, GA. I will be joining two other authors to talk books and writing. Bring your questions and your appetites!


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Merry Mabon! Happy Fall!

20180922_191655Officially, today was the last sunset of summer. You wouldn’t know it by the temperatures here in north Georgia. It was in the mid 90’s again today. But, as we pulled into the driveway, there were a smattering of leaves on the drive–surely, a sign fall is here.

I finished my latest manuscript just as summer finished her hold on the season. It’s off to the editor, while I try to find another cover artist. Mine seems to have disappeared. There are always glitches. Books never flow smoothly from start to finish.

My “day-job” seems to demand more and more of my time, but my stories still compel me to tell them. So, I work 9 to 10 hours a day, fix a quick dinner for the hubs and me, and turn into my alter-ego, Shanon Grey. My passion continues to drive me as hard today as it did the first day I laid pen to paper. Yep, I can go back that far. My first manuscript was also paranormal and had to be submitted to the Sci-Fi arena, where it was promptly rejected as not being part of any known genre. Too bad they weren’t selling stock in that unknown “paranormal” genre back then. I’d be very wealthy.

Alas, I do what I do for the fulfillment it gives me. My fans are marvelous and incredibly patient, waiting the long time it takes to finish each work.

So, we slip into fall and another story begs to be written. I hope your days are happy and your passions fulfilled. If you want to slip away into a world where things aren’t quite as they seem, you are welcome to visit Ruthorford. Things are always happening in the perfect southern town, where magic and science merge!

20180922_191649From my cottage to yours — Happy Fall!

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Summer Flies By


From the comfort of my cottage in the woods I watch the summer slip away, finding myself already in August, almost finished with my current work in progress. This novel, a Ruthorford story I’ve been asked over and over to write, brings the reader back to the quaint Southern town to slip into the descendants’ lives–the good, the bad, and the unexpected.

I have had a summer in sync with those in Ruthorford, just getting the roof replaced just before the rains came. We stayed dry and safe as tornadoes and flash floods surprised so many, tearing up lives. Fortunately, all we have to deal with is a bit of erosion. It goes to show you–live for the present, pray for the future, and expect the unexpected.

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July at Moreland. I met lots of people, 20180704_091110aintroducing  many to Ruthorford for the first time. I also got to introduce a young girl to a whirligig, something I had seen since I was a child. I bought some and stuck them in a bucket with Tootsie Roll pops for the kids. The young girl was so cute. She was fascinated by the brightly colored pinwheel, but had no idea how it works. I had to show her how to blow on it to get it to spin. You’d have thought I’d introduced her to magic. Of course, you never know. Maybe I did.

There were crafts and goodies of all sorts and lots and 20180704_120311lots of good things to eat. They’d started the BBQ the day before while we were setting up and I found myself drooling the entire time. The pavilion housed crafters and bakers and artisans. They even had a cockatoo to entertain. At times I wasn’t quite sure who was being entertained, the bird or the crowd. The weather was perfect, just a bit hot, but everyone had a blast.


I hope all of you have a great rest of the summer!

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Moreland Celebrates the 4th!

I get to be my alter-ego, Shanon Grey, on the 4th! Sid and I will be at the annual Moreland 4th celebration. We get to stay nice and cool in the Puckett Station Museum. Come early, the barbecue sells out fast! Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday to our beloved United States!
If you can’t make it, my stories are readily available:

Amazon –
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Barnes & Noble –




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