Welcome October

‘Tis the season and I managed to pull out the totes from the basement to dress my cottage in the woods in her Fall finery. Given that I never remember to mark the totes, what I uncover is usually a surprise and my decor varies greatly from year to year. I so love the colors of fall and apply them liberally throughout.

I admit that part of my decorating frenzy has been spurred on by the fact that I sent my newest novel to my editor and, rather than bite my nails to the quick, I thought I’d apply that nervous energy into something constructive. Now, I will head back to the basement in search of some of my fun Halloween decorations. More to come!

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I Write What I Am

We came to the mountains of Georgia after losing everything to a hurricane. One of the things you don’t lose in a disaster is who you are. I spent my whole life dealing with just who I was in the scheme of things. From early on, I knew I was different. I knew I had a huge imagination. I didn’t realize that other people couldn’t see what I could in mirrors. My grandmother caught me trying to teach a friend, much to the friend’s frustration, what I saw. Later, my grandmother told me to just tell her–that others might not see what I saw. But, it was a little late. The friend had told others and I was teased unmercifully in school, called a freak at best.

After one particularly frustrating day, I got mad and grabbed a boy’s arm. He screamed, saying I’d pinched him. I hadn’t. I’d just touch his arm. I tried to show the teacher and she jumped back and laughed, saying I’d just picked up some static electricity. I got off easy. From then on, I tried not to touch people. As I grew older, I learned to control it, somewhat. One consequence of that was that I would throw off heat–to the point that I got teased in college and people would either move closer, joking that they needed to get near “the furnace” or move away to get away from the heat. But I didn’t shock people much. To this day, I blow light bulbs and surge electronics if I’m not careful.

Living in my woods is a solace. Some days, when things get frustrating, I walk to my trees and place my hand against a trunk and feel calm flow into me. I’m not sure if I’m dissipating my excess energy to them or them are putting their calm into me. Most times it works. When it doesn’t and I blow more bulbs, I keep a rod around for grounding. There’s a reason I don’t put my laptops on my lap.

Hence, Ruthorford. I created a place where they were a bit different. Of course it’s fiction, but it is also a release. My residents know what it’s like to be bullied. My descendants know what it’s like to be different and try to live among others. My characters are allowed to enjoy their differences.

I decided to write this for all those out there like me. At my book signings and after, I’ve had people telling me they loved that I wrote about the possibilities of humans and what we can look forward to. I’ve had others ask me questions, telling me stories about themselves. It is for those I write this.

Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. Everyone has abilities that others don’t. Come to Ruthorford and find out more about people and their differences. Just remember–it’s fiction….maybe.

Welcome to Ruthorford. Enjoy any of my novels or my newest, Descendant Rising:

As the heat turns up in Ruthorford, Ozzy arrives, accompanying a Marine brother home for the last time. The lone survivor of a horrific helicopter crash, Ozzy hasn’t had time to begin to heal, neither mentally nor physically. Yet, coming to this small town will give him far more than he’s lost–ready or not.

Descendant Rising by Shanon Grey (Available digital and print.)

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Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale!

Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale is here! Most of my eBooks are 50% off. Enjoy! https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=shanon+grey

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Shanon Grey at Moreland!

Shanon Grey at Moreland

I am finally back in my recliner, recovering from the long, hot, but great, day at Moreland. We arrived a little after 8 a.m. in order to secure a spot close by, then went in to finish set-up (and, yes, I had to turn my table around). The picture of me is before the doors even opened and, by then, I’d already gotten rid of the head band with the black flower (one of my nods to the 1940’s).

There were lots of people and everyone seemed happy to be out and about. Of course, many were waiting for them to start serving the BBQ, which is famous. I saw some old friends and made some new ones, sold books to repeat customers and some new customers, gave out bookmarks and goodies for the kids–which was a huge success. Several asked for my contact information so they can arrange for me to talk to their book clubs. By the end of the day, I even donated a signed set of my books to the Coweta Public Library. All in all, it was a great day for Shanon Grey.

The other pictures are from when I grabbed my camera and ran around to get shots of others at the event. A whole hall was dedicated to the VFW, American Legion, and Marine Corps League. Across from them were tables full of military history. A band, playing 40’s music was at the end. Since they were on break, I didn’t get a picture of them. It’s a huge event hall, filled with many vendors from jewelry, to paintings, to food, as well as other authors.

Everything wound down a little after 2 p.m. when we broke down the displays and repacked the SUV. Andy has gone to get Olive Garden so neither of us need to fix anything and I plan to sit and vegetate for the next two days.

Happy 4th to all!!!

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Moreland July 2nd Celebration!

The setup is complete for me. Of course, a deluge arrived just as we did, so I got soaked. But, the hubby’s help, I got set up. I will go in early tomorrow and tweak things. Heck, not even sure I’m facing the right direction. But that can be adjusted easily.

So, come out to Moreland, tomorrow, July 2nd, and help us celebrate THE 75TH ANNUAL MORELAND BBQ & FESTIVAL! I’ll be in the main event room with other vendors. Looks like they are setting up a band, too. Famous BBQ and lots of good food. Events start at 9 am. Food starts being served at 11 am. Come take a look at my 1940’s pictures, get some goodies, and learn more about my stories. My newest novel, Descendant Rising is on sale, as are all of my novels.

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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yesterday was our anniversary. Okay, my alter-ego’s–or am I the alter-ego? It doesn’t matter since we’re older than dirt and have been married a good bit over half of our lives, 42 years. During that time, we’ve raised children, sometimes more than our own, provided care for parents, offered home to friends, bought and sold houses, gotten wiped out by Katrina, started over, faced health issues, and gone back to work when others were retiring. And, we’ve done it together. It hasn’t always been a bed of roses and we don’t always agree on things. Heck, we can’t paint a door together without inserted our opinion over the other’s. But we did it.

There’s not much we can give one another that hasn’t been done, but I have to admit, he totally made me smile this year. Beside the colorful bouquet of flowers, he got me a gorgeous dragon. Then, sitting on the island was another surprise today. He took a piece of a broken cheese cutter and fashioned a sling-shot for me. Only a man who’s known me for 42 years would think of something so perfect!

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Karen’s Killer Fixin’s

Sim’s Bread Pudding

Happy Friday! Here’s a link to Karen’s Killer Fixin’s. I’m sharing the recipe I developed for Sim’s Bread Pudding, from my newest novel, Descendant Rising. I think you’ll enjoy the note I made about its creation. There’s also an excerpt and my bio. I hope you enjoy all of it. I know we’ve enjoyed the bread pudding. Oh, I almost forgot. Leave a comment and Karen will have a drawing for a signed copy of Descendant Rising. (Sorry, but I can only ship in the US.)

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

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Learning to Link

Although I’ve been writing for a long time, it seems things keep changing. With my latest novel, Descendant Rising, I learned there’s an aggregator that supplies greater availability for my readers, Draft2Digital. Saying that, I also learned that Draft2Digital is merging with Smashwords. That said, I have put Descendant Rising with Draft2Digital, where it is available to readers on Books2Read. Below are the links to Amazon and B & N, who carry both digital and print, and Books2Read, who is digital for all sorts of venues. I would love to hear what you think. Reach out here or on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ShanonGrey/

Books2Read:     https://books2read.com/u/md6qvO

Amazon:  https://amzn.to/3mVqljT

Barnes & Noble: https://bit.ly/3aRtWg1

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Descendant Rising’s First Review

For those of you who don’t know, authors, for the most part, are an insecure lot. We spend months and months researching and writing, then checking and editing, finally releasing it to the public and waiting to be told how they feel about what we’ve worked so hard to create.

I just got my first written review. A 5-star! I was thrilled. She said I could post it, so I am–grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

Now that you know, please, if you enjoy a book, leave a review for the author. It helps others choose good books and it validates the author’s hard work.

While I’m at it, if you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out Descendant Rising, available in digital and print on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09YZ4Z3YL

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