Legend of the Apple’s Star

Legend of the Apple’s Star

by Shanon Grey

Many eons ago, as the Great Sun rose into the heavens at the break of dawn, its brilliant light would scatter the sky’s Star Babies, still too small and weak to hold their positions, across the heavens. All day the Star Mothers worried, unable to see their infants in the bright light of day. As soon as the Great Sun descended below the night’s horizon, the Star Mothers would search far and wide for their Star Babies. The Moon, seeing the Star Mothers’ lights dim in sadness, turned to Mother Earth, friend of both the Moon and the Great Sun, and imparted the plight of the Star Mothers.

Mother Earth sought guidance from her plants and animals, having seen how they protected their young. A small tree with tiny, bitter, fruit humbly approached Mother Earth. “We are but small trees, our fruit is not sweet, our branches are not many, but we will hold and protect the small stars until they are ready. Please let us try.”

Mother Earth was pleased and told the Moon, who told the Star Mothers. With hope, the Star Mothers raced across the night sky, leaving trails of light, seeking the tiny trees on the earth. The trees held up their branches and received the Star Babies, tucking them inside their meager fruits for warmth and protection. As the days passed, the tiny Star Babies shared some of their increasing energy with the trees and the trees began to grow, spreading new leaves under the Great Sun. Sunlight nourished the trees and the fruits grew larger. As the fruits ripened, they grew heavy and fell upon the ground, bursting open and releasing the Star Babies, now ready to climb back into the heavens, their lights bright and healthy. Each night the young stars twinkle down upon the big, beautiful apple trees, sending love and thanks.

Today, if you cut an apple just right, you will see the imprint left from its Star Baby, a reminder of its journey. As a gift, the stars sprinkled the fruit with star-dust, leaving the apple filled with a taste of heaven.

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