Works in Progress

I have several stories I work on at any given time. I suppose it depends on my mood, or my deadline, which one take priority. The following is a list of those currently on my desk:

Twisted Fate — Ruthorford just won’t leave well enough alone. When Bill’s body goes missing, it’s going to take a lot of “talent” to figure out what’s going on.

Captain’s Watch — A wonderful paranormal story inspired by my peeps in the Friends From Beyond Her Book group on Facebook.

Katrina Skies — A contemporary romantic suspense surrounding a storm, a disappearance, and a treasure.

Capricorn’s Child — A paranormal suspense about a woman who finds out there is more interest in her theories than she every suspected. This was my first book, which I had ready for submission when Hurricane Katrina claimed it for her own. My son recently found bits and pieces, sealed them and scanned them back into reality. This story was the first of a trilogy: Capricorn’s Child, a contemporary story; a historical; and a futuristic.

2 Responses to Works in Progress

  1. Jenny Quinn says:

    Just finished book 2 in the gatekeepers series and I loved it! Any idea when Second Chances will be published?

    • shanongrey says:

      Hello. Thank you for reading my novels. I am so happy you are enjoying them. Have you read Glynda’s Dare or Pennyroyal Christmas. They are both Ruthorford stories. Glynda’s Dare is my latest. I am about halfway through Second Chances and creating as fast as possible.

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