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Here are a few of the reviews on the just released Meadow’s Keep. So far they have all been this good. Wahoo!

***** I fell in love with the Town of Rutherford Georgia when I read Shoppe of Spells, the first book of the Gatekeeper Series. I’ve been waiting patiently for the sequel so I could see where life was leading my favorite people. Meadow’s Keep does not disappoint. While Shoppe of Spells revolved around Morgan and Dorian, Meadow’s Keep is Jasmine’s (Dorian’s childhood friend) story and introduces us to Dorian’s long lost twin brother Eryk.

This novel is full of intrigue, mystery, the supernatural, and even romance. There are many twists, turns, and surprises throughout the pages, and once I started, I could not put it down.

Shannon Grey is an author who understand women’s empowerment. Her female characters are independent women clearly in charge of their own futures. When men come into their lives they come as partners with no battle for dominance. Her words read like music and even without the story, they draw you in. Shannon Grey has created the very town I would love to dwell within.

***** This book was even better than I expected. A perfect follow up to Shoppe of Spells. I love the way the characters from Shoppe of Spells were so present in this book and you get to see how they are doing yet it doesn’t detract from the main characters in Meadow’s Keep. This book is so well written and I can’t wait for Second Chances.

***** A wonderful installment in The Gatekeepers series. Just a thrill ride. Well done

***** Excellent story! Loved it from start to finish. Keep writing them Ms. Grey!

***** I have to admit that I am usually disappointed by the 2nd book in a series. Happily I can say not so with Meadow’s Keep. This story grabs you early on and takes you along for the ride. Give The Gatekeepers series a try. Wonderful

THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS, Book I, The GateKeepers

Here are a some things being said about The Shoppe of Spells. For more, please visit the sites mentioned. (And yes, I’ve had a couple of two star and some three star (which weren’t bad) ~but room kept me from listing everything. 😉


Paranormal Addicts:  “If you want a refreshing change from the normal paranormal, I encourage you to pick up this book and let it take you away to the mysterious town of Ruthorford, in a story filled with mystery, magic, and love.5-star

Leanne:  “I recommend this book all around. I had to race through it to know what would happen next and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!”5-star

Romancing the Book:  “I’m very excited about the fact that this is a series and we get to visit again. So, grab a copy and get ready to fall in love, with Morgan and Dorian as well as all the people that genuinely care for them.”4-star

Andrew Marcec: “Shanon’s writing style is incredibly compelling and very descriptive. Her words and phrases allow a reader to paint an easy mental picture of the surroundings of The Shoppe of Spells, and breathe an incredible amount of life into this small, fictional village.”4-star

Nancy Naigle:  “This is a great book. Not your average paranormal. You’ll be swept away to the small town of Ruthorford, GA, fall in love with the hero – Dorian – and be surprised along the way. A wonderful story that will keep you flipping pages and then wonder how long you’ll have to wait for the second – Meadows Keep.”5-star

Isis Nocturne:  “What a fantastic love story! I was entirely drawn into the tale of Morgan and Dorian. Can’t wait to read the next in the series! I highly recommend for everyone who enjoys a great love story. I’ll definitely find myself drawn back to this book in the future.”5-star


Long and Short of It Reviews:  “The last time I refused to put the book down until I’d finished it. It’s rare to find a well written story that is also well edited and with a gorgeous cover. The author did the hard work but has been ably assisted by the publishers representatives. And better still this is the first of a series! Well done Ms Grey. I look forward to the next book in The Gatekeepers series.” 5-star

 Bettie: “There were so many unexpected turns that it kept me flipping pages and Shanon Grey wove such a realistic story that even the paranormal elements seemed normal! I can’t wait to visit Ruthorford again.”5-star

Brad Hall: “Download this book and take your kindle to the beach! I am looking forward to book two.”4-star

Susan Barrett:  “Shanon Grey has penned a delightful and suspenseful debut novel, the first in a paranormal series. I found the protagonists and the secondary characters interesting and well drawn, the Ruthorford history magical. Not a general paranormal reader, this story sucked me in and kept me there until the last page. The Shoppe of Spells is long on plot and adventure with wonderfully sensual love scenes and beautiful descriptions. Pick up a copy of this book and be on the lookout for the next story by the talented Ms. Grey.”4-star

Angel Grey:  “I started this book over my morning coffee and could not put it down all day. Unique, original, beautiful. I was wrapped up in the magic of quaint Ruthorford and its charming inhabitants.”5-star

Kristine:  “I just finished reading “The Shoppe of Spells” and found myself almost sad that I was through with the story! Shanon Grey has done such a wonderful job, allowing us to become so close to her characters, feeling as though we almost know them in person. The setting is fantastic, the story exciting and different…and the love story she tells for us is spell-binding. I’m definitely looking forward to the other chapters…hey, Shanon! Please hurry!”5-star

Grace:  “Shanon Grey weaves the reader right into the story from the start. I was annoyed every time I had to stop reading. She sets the scene and develops the characters from the first, then bit by bit draws you into the paranormal elements so that they feel natural. Very skillful worldbuilding and strong on suspense.”5-star

Lorraine:  I absolutely loved the book “The Shoppe of Spells”. It captivated me from the beginning to the end. I could not put the book down! I loved how Shannon Grey set the scene and made the characters so life like that you felt like you knew them and were a part of the town and the story. She writes so eloquently and effortlessly that keeps you wanting more.”5-star


TGYC72:  “Ms. Grey is a terrific story teller. This is not just another romance novel. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.”5-star

VirginiaGal:  “Shanon Grey creates characters you’ll love and a story that pulls you right in to the charming town of Ruthorford, GA and won’t let you go. Ruthorford might be a small town but the history is deep! THE SHOPPE OF SPELLS was a page-turner that surprised me, worried me, made my heart pound and tugged my heart strings. I could use another dose of that handsome Dorian, too!”5-star

AMR0406:  “…I loved the way she described her settings. I could always smell the herbs she spoke about and feel the electricity that happened between Dorian and Morgan. Shanon wrote a magical story that was very easy to believe could really happen.”4-star

Anonymous:  “I have finished reading but find I want to read more…it can’t be finished! I can’t wait for Meadows Keep! I’m recommending the book to all! Thank you Shannon! Now I want to visit Ruthorford… I’m sure I will find you there!”5-star

BRCthatsME:  “The Georgia town of Rutherford sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I was ready to book a room at the B&B and wander the streets. This is a wonderful story of family, love and legacy with a little paranormal to spice things up. Dorian is a yummy hero and I think he and Morgan make a wonderful duo. Hope we’ll see more of these two in book two…the beginning.”5-star


Books Read and Makeup Done: “I’d like to start my review with the Dedication of the book. The Author dedicated it to her friend that she had lost just prior to her beginning her book. She lost her to Cancer. The dedication she wrote was so heartfelt and touching, having lost loved ones to cancer myself it made me feel even closer to the author and made me feel very lucky to have the chance to read the book dedicated to such a special person in her life. I also feel lucky to have been able to read this book, it was very intriguing and kept me up very late into the wee hours of the morning. I had a hard time to put it down. I love the concept of portals and the paranormal in general. The idea in this book are somewhat different from others that I have read like it. The secondary characters also come alive on the pages and I look forward to reading more about them when the next book in this series is out. I found myself riveted by the relationship and passion that slowly builds between the 2 main characters. Love that is true in every sense. I recommend this book all around. I had to race through it to know what would happen next and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way!”5-star

Library Thing: “…Ok, so take the above mentioned scenario and let’s add in a dash of danger, the unknown, a crazy person (or two), some caring people, and a best friend everyone wishes to have and you have a wonderful story! I really enjoyed this story.”4-star

Long and Short Reviews: I would have read The Shoppe of Spells in one go but life intervened and forced me to break my reading time into three. The last time I refused to put the book down until I’d finished it. It’s rare to find a well written story that is also well edited and with a gorgeous cover. The author did the hard work but has been ably assisted by the publishers representatives. And better still this is the first of a series! Well done Ms Grey. I look forward to the next book in The Gatekeepers series.” BEST BOOK!

Sizzling Hot Books: The Shoppe of Spells is a fabulous read! I really enjoyed the interesting new world that Shanon Grey created and look forward to more stories based on this welcoming and exciting town. With the introduction of many great secondary characters that intertwined with Morgan and Dorian, I believe that Shanon has many more books ready to be told.”

The Shoppe of Spells has everything that I love in a story! It has strong characters, a mystery filled with danger and intrigue, and the exciting paranormal world where magic happens! I highly recommend that you read The Shoppe of Spells as soon as you can!! It will take your breath away!” READ OF THE MONTH! (Five Hearts!!!!!)

Readers Entertainment:  “Morgan gets a double shock when, first she discovers she is adopted and her parents are dead, then she is told they left her partial ownership in their business. The catch? She has to share it with the man who owns the other half of the business, Dorian Drake. Dorian makes no secret of his hostility toward the new arrival, but the heat turns up when their attraction becomes over-powering. But that’s just the start of it. Morgan finds that she has the ability to control a portal to another dimension, a power Dorian also has. Danger is right around the corner of course of this would be a dull read indeed, but I assure you it is anything but dull! The author infuses southern charm and fun characters into a well woven story with great conflict and enough layers to keep you turning pages.”

Maggie:  “I reread your book this weekend on the plane. I don’t know what it is, but something speaks to me. I think I want to quit my job and open a herb shop.”





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