A Halloween Rememberance

I am republishing this in honor of my Pookie, who is no longer with us. Well, that is not exactly true, since we get a glimpse of her out of the corner of our eyes, just out of range. And she will leave us a reminder of a little black fur, sometimes in the oddest places. So, this year, I would like to share with you Pookie’s favorite holiday ~ Halloween, which came two days after we found her and she joined our family! We love and miss you, precious puppy ~

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to Grey Manor!

Many have asked about Shanon’s cottage in the woods. Well, after much convincing from my personal assistant, Pookie, I have decided to give you a tour during our favorite season.

Pookie, the Manor’s Official Greeter awaits our guests.

…and waits. I know, girl, they are supposed to be here. They’ll come. I promise…

Good, you’ve arrived!!! Please come in! Let’s start where Shanon concocts her stories. You think maybe she uses her brain? Well, you might think again….

Did you happen to notice the ghosts in the glass? Hmmm

Oh, yes! I did want to mention the beautiful bunch of black beauties Shanon received from an adoring fan. Of course the card did read “REST IN PEACE.”

You’re cold. There is a rather brisk breeze blowing in from the grave yard. Why don’t you sit by the fire and warm yourself a bit before we continue. Just don’t get to close…I wouldn’t want you to get over-cooked.

Oh my, it’s getting dark outside. Things tend to change a bit when the sun sets around Grey Cottage. It’s a very special time for all. Every manner of beastie and ghoul comes out to play.

The witches are working again tonight. Beware! Their magic is mighty powerful this time of year. You might not want to find out just what kind of mischief they can get into…..

If you don’t believe me, just ask Uncle Walt and Aunt Minerva–

Uncle Walt heard something in the woods and decided to investigate. When he didn’t return, Aunt Minerva went looking for him. At least the witches had a sense of humor. I keep them on the mantel until I can figure out a reversal spell.

That doesn’t help with the last solicitor that came by–I think I’ll work on the spell for Uncle Walt and Aunt Minerva first…..

It’s the witching hour! School’s about ready to start. Please enter quietly so Head Mistress Wanda doesn’t notice you. You don’t want Headmistress Wanda to notice you. The last time she caught students ……….

there was hell to pay!

But I was good and I have graduated, so I get to work on my stories and writings–always under her watchful eye.

Tired you say….I know it’s rather late! Please come again! We would love to have you. Oh, before you go, please let me take your picture.

Smile pretty, now! Say Witches….

And as you traipse off into the fiery night–

My faithful companion turns into her former self–a sleepy  puppy!

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