On the back of The Shoppe of Spells is a picture of the Abbott Bed and Breakfast. For your information, this is a real bed and breakfast located in McKinney, TX (Tartan Thistle). I have had the pleasure, on several occasions, to enjoy the ambiance of this incredible Victorian and of McKinney, TX. My Ruthorford creation, however, is a bit larger but the feeling remains the same. Click on the link and take a look around! Enjoy!

For the scene behind the Abbott Bed and Breakfast–where Morgan and Dorian dine under the willow–I garnered my inspiration from Dunaway Gardens, located near Newnan, GA. Unfortuantely, the willow I captured for my pictures was destroyed in a subsequent storm that rampaged a path of distruction over the area. I am lucky to have this photo. The good news is that those at Dunaway knew how much the wonderful tree was loved and are making every attempt to foster an offspring!

In doing research for my book, I found various articles about human electrical conductors–people who can handle large amounts of electricity, yet remain unharmed. I just took it a step further and allowed Dorian to harness the energy for his use. Who knows? Maybe in the future…

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