Autumn Hello

Autumn: Kickoff to the Holiday Season!

Here in Georgia, autumn is the kickoff for the holidays. I though20130902_160614t you might like a preview of some of the sights I enjoy from bungalow rocking chair….

Our trees adorn themselves in a myriad of colors, each more beautiful than the last. One “Oh, My!” is usually followed by another, a pointing finger, and an intake of breath.fall beauty

Then there’s the pasture across the way–

Which tends to guide your eye upward to spy a hawk circling…

As if to give you a better view, he or she (I forget to ask) will stop by for a chat….

This year we also have some larger raptors circling. Hopefully, they are just nesting in one of our trees.

While on the other side of the fence, across the street, our neighbors have stopped by to say “howdy”, waiting for a crisp fall apple as a neigh-borly gesture.

You need to look close to see one of some of our scampering squirrels. Generally, there’s a pair, running and sliding under the leaves, creating undulating tunnels keep the flying hunters guessing.

Back at the house ~20131108_175215 I’m vying to bring the color inside–

Doing what I can–to compete with the beauty outside. Or, I let it inspire me, as I work my author magic ~20131108_163245Bringing stories to my fabulous readersBookmark092013 copy 3_color_edited-1

20131109_160357Or entertaining friends and family on a much needed break,20131111_162356 who bring gifts to add to my collection of “owls” `

Of course, the outside keeps calling…


and small….

…to the very smallest…They all join me in wishing you a wonderful FALL–the prelude to the holidays, full of food, family and fun ~

Thanks for stopping by!

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