Silent Warrior is Here!

It’s here! A true labor of love. Silent Warrior is now available on Amazon (digital and print) and Smashwords!

A sudden accident lands a stranger in the arms of Ruthorford, where she awakens without a memory, a past, and no idea why she is where she is. When Sim, non-verbal from birth and a recluse by choice, rescues her from her burning vehicle, his touch captures more than he bargained for and he now holds the secrets from her past. As Ruthorford and her descendants make a place for their newest resident, she finds a home among these kind—albeit a bit strange—people and a growing attraction to her rescuer. But nothing stays quiet for long as strangers arrive in town, determined to find their missing fugitive, no matter what it takes. After several kidnapping attempts, Ruthorford’s descendants decide to take matters into their own hands, which can mean any number of things, in the town where science and magic merge.



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The Beginning of My Favorite Season!

It’s that time of the year. The air has found the crispness necessary to tease the leaves into turning. My heart takes on a warmth matched only by the beautiful colors decorating the trees. Although there won’t be any visitors, my porch is dressed for the season.

I’m also one of those people that keeps a tree up, dressing it for each holiday. It sits to the right of my desk, making me smile as I work.

Of course, the great room needs a wreath and more.

And, of course, her highness the witch, who’s been with me for close to 30 years, has graced many a house’s window since I first created her.

From my house to yours, may your Halloween/Samhain be magical!!! Remember to welcome and honor your ancestors!

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The Case of the Killer Leaf

As many of you know, I’m pretty fearless. Unless it’s a spider or a wasp. I have no explanation for the fear of spiders, other than having been chased by psychotic black widow after Katrina. Wasps, bees, any flying thing with stingers, I’m allergic to. I tend to avoid them. Usually, a “leave me along” suffices for them to fly away.

Today, while out taking my daily walk to the road and back–don’t laugh, I live in the country and it’s a decent walk–I heard the proverbial buzz of a flying creature. I told it to leave. Several times. Then, suddenly, something hit my head. It was at that moment that I became quite adept at walking on air. More like bucking and twisting like a bronco while yelling, “Get out, get out!” Somehow, I managed to do a record breaking dash back toward the house, when, at the door’s window, I noticed the overly large offender sticking out of my hair. Turned out, all that exercise and martial arts was brought on by a colorful Fall leaf.

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Fall into Reading with Shanon Grey

I am blessed to be able to enjoy two careers. By day, I work for an amazing enterprise that has put its money and its talent out there to help others during this difficult time. When I leave work, I transform into Shanon Grey, author, where I build a world filled with suspense, relationships, and the evolved capabilities of mankind.

This has been a very tough time for everyone. What better way to escape than to read. Join me in a world where science and magic merge. Available in digital or print! Take your pick for a Fall escape! Stay safe and stay well!



Barnes and Noble

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Shanon Grey Talks Hobbies at Reader Entertainment Magazine

First, let me congratulate Loretta Wheeler for winning a signed copy of Currents of Destiny in the drawing at Karen’s Killer Fixin’s! That was such fun!

Today, I am being spotlighted at Reader Entertainment Magazine, talking about my hobby. I know you are wondering, “When does she have time for a hobby?” Between working full time and writing full time, there isn’t much time left. Well, in my world, a hobby isn’t just to fill “leisure” time. It’s a passion. And, I have many. This particular one is to create “FairyScapes.”

Why don’t you drop by and enjoy!

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Shanon Grey is Over at Karen’s Killer Fixin’s Today

Dropping in quickly to let you know my alter ego — Shanon Grey — is over at Karen’s Killer Fixin’s today with an excerpt of Currents of Destiny, a quick and easy recipe for Banana, Coconut, Pecan Loaf, and a drawing for a signed copy of Currents of Destiny. Drop by and say hi!

Karen’s Killer Fixin’s **Author Special** with CURRENTS OF DESTINY, #Contemporary #Romantic #Suspense by Shanon Grey

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As dreams go ~

He sat in the grass as I stepped around the house, rose, and followed me to the front door. About the size of a large cat, he had a longish neck and a brontosaurus type head. His round eyes were amber and his skin was a mottled burnt orange. He seemed to want to stay close to me and chortled, wanting to be petted. I opened the door and he followed me inside, happily hopping up onto the arm of my recliner. His skin had a soft kid-like leather feel to it with what appeared to be elongated side slits/folds that I assumed would later become wings. When I woke, he was leaning against me as I browsed Facebook, licking ice cream off my finger with a raspy tongue.

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Doctor in the Bowels of Hell

Most of you don’t know that I spend my days working in the corporate world. I don’t normally mix the two. But, these are unusual times, and I wanted to share part of my day with you.

Our CEO holds a virtual meeting every day to give us an update. They are always interesting. I’ve learned more about my company than I ever knew. I am prouder to work there than any place I’ve ever worked before. This crisis has brought out the very best in people and we have had to pleasure to listen to many. I often find myself leaving the meeting wiping tears. This morning was no exception.

Today, we were introduced to a doctor who, having been away from practice for years and working in a prestigious position in our enterprise, heeded a call for doctors to come help in the worst of the worst—New York City. Upon hearing the request, he talked to his wife, who is also in medicine. His concern wasn’t the virus, but the fact that his skills might be rusty. She talked about going as well, but they decided someone needed to stay home to handle “things” in case he succumbed to the virus.

With our company helping to expedite the nitty gritty—things like credentials, licenses, insurance (it had been 10 years since he’d practiced)—he headed to New York, where he was assigned to Bellevue. For those of you that don’t know, Bellevue is one of our country’s oldest public hospitals, and was inundated with covid-19 patients when the virus hit New York City. In other words, he was thrust into the bowels of hell. But he took it on, saying returning to practice was kind of like riding a bike, quickly adjusting. Plus, with everything happening so fast, he didn’t have time to worry about his own insecurity. In everything he said, he gave most of the credit to his team. They work together. They are one.

For the patients who are in crisis mode in the ICU, the volume of which is incomprehensible, it takes a variety of specialists to care for one patient. Intubation is far more than sticking a tube down one’s trachea. Besides the pulmonologist, anesthesiologists, possibly surgeons, nephrologists, cardiologists, and even dentists may be needed. Covid-19 proved difficult. Kidneys and other organs began to fail. Clotting  quickly occurred. They found that turning  patients on their stomachs, known as proning, could help. With a patient intubated, it takes an entire team to do this, all the while keeping the patient alive. Now, picture an ICU overrun with possibly 120 patients, all in distress, filling a straight 12 hours of your day.

Once they have done their twelve hours in these plastic draped halls, surrounded by the constant sound of hissing ventilators, they have to clean themselves and their gear and head to self-contained, quarantined accommodations where their only contact with their families and the outside world is on a flat screen. Mostly, they eat and drop into bed, needing as much rest as possible before stepping back onto the front lines once more. Even when his “tour” is over, he won’t be able to just go home. He will be in quarantine for however long it takes to ensure he doesn’t expose others to the insidious disease attacking our country. As I watched him talk, I noticed the dark shadows under his eyes and the creases on his face from the goggles he had pushed up on the head covering. His mask hung around his neck but its marks still reddened his skin. His emphasis was on all of us protecting ourselves and our loved ones so we don’t find ourselves in need of his care.

He did say one of the things that means the most to them, besides having each other to bolster one another as they trudge through these trenches, is hearing from people. So please, if you know someone who is on the front line or someone who is the family or friends of someone on the front lines, let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing. Send a card. Write a note. Send a text, an email. Whatever means you can, let them know you are thinking of them. They are, after all, the only thing that stands between life and death for so many.

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Reduced Prices on All Books on Amazon

20200419_rosebkmrkblkresize5We have so much going on right now, I decided the least I could do was adjust my book prices. All of my books on digital are now $2.99. The print prices vary because of fees, printing costs, etc. They are all set, except for Meadow’s Keep, which, hopefully, will be reduced by the end of the week. If you haven’t had the chance, I invite you to enjoy the stories about Ruthorford and her “special” descendants–The Shoppe of Spells, Meadow’s Keep, and Twisted Fate. Oh, I can’t leave out Pennyroyal Christmas, another Ruthorford suspense. My other two are suspense–Glynda’s Dare and Currents of Destiny, my newest release. It’s true that authors put a little bit of themselves into their work. I have been quizzed by my readers to reveal what they are. My reply, “It’s your job to figure it out.” If you do, I won’t lie. Have fun.
Here is a link to my Amazon page and the books. Fun reading!

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Kanaloa, the Octopus God

Toward the end of summer, the owner of the Surf and Turf gathered the children of the beach, many with no place to go, and held a cookout around a large bonfire to ensure they had one great experience for the summer. He ended the event by sharing the story of Kanaloa with them, his subtle way of warning them of the dangers of the ocean. For some, it worked. For others, not so much.


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