A Christmas Village

Welcome to the Ruthorford Christmas Village. Not a replica of Ruthorford, but a fun conglomerate of possibilities. Bring your imagination and enjoy.

In Ruthorford, there is a toy store where, every year, they set up the children’s version of of their fair town. Here are some pictures of this year’s version. You will note the high use of snowmen and such.

Everyone will need hot cocoa.

Of course, one needs to stop at the wishing well.

Then the dogs must be walked.

Some will want to go to the theater.The kids all agree that the cottage behind The Shoppe of Spells must be included.

Or the gazebo.

Can’t forget flowers for the table.

And the children stop to play.

But the best is at night when you stroll down Main Street.

Thanks for stopping by! To read more about a Ruthorford Christmas, Pennyroyal Christmas is in e-format on Amazon.

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