A Ruthorford Christmas Eve


Like every household with children, Ruthorford’s homes are no different at Christmas ~ with a few magical exceptions. With the power of the earth at their fingertips, the descendants make sure Christmas Eve is truly magical for all the children. Combining their talents, and with the help of Mother Nature, there hasn’t been a Christmas Eve that hasn’t seen snow in many a year. Meesha and other dogs pull the children up and down Main Street in the snow, stopping by the porch of the old sisters to warm up and have some hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows.

In the evening, a Christmas Eve Buffet is served for all at the Abbott Bed and Breakfast, with emphasis on the children. For many years running, the spaghetti topped with oversized meatballs has been the favorite for children and adults alike. At some point, it was suggested to served just that, but Teresa was always concerned that might limit the choices for others. There is always a lot left over, to everyone’s delight, since the leftovers are promptly delivered to surrounding communities for distribution to those that aren’t as blessed as the residents in and around Ruthorford.

Following dinner, everyone congregates in the Chapel, for a Christmas Eve service orchestrated and presented by the young people of Ruthorford, the highlight being the living nativity performance.

The evening ends with Dorian reading The Night Before Christmas, while Eryk works his magic on the roof of the chapel, resulting in squeals of delight erupting from the children at the sounds of hooves and bells and the landing of a sleigh throwing snow from the roof and falling across the windows. Once Santa calls good night and the sleigh pulls away from the roof, the children are allowed to run outside. To this day, no one can quite explain how they can see Santa’s sleigh high in the sky, amid swirls of snow and the flutter of wings of the snowy owls accompanying Santa through the night, the glow of Rudolph’s nose lighting the way.

Almost immediately, the kids are distracted by the large sack of presents Santa has left on the Chapel steps. Each child’s name is called and every child departs with a present in hand.

Later, back at the Abbott Bed and Breakfast, Dorian and Eryk fix  bourbon laced hot toddies, warming them in their hands with a touch of magic before handing them out to a very tired but very happy group of Santa’s helpers.

From Ruthorford to all ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(If you haven’t, stop by and see the Ruthorford Christmas village before you leave: https://shanongrey.wordpress.com/rutherford/ )