September is Prostate Awareness Month

My husband has given me permission to share this with you. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is already a survivor of bladder and kidney cancer. Had it not been for checkups for those, the prostate cancer might not have been found. Fortunately, it is contained and he will be able to do radiation treatments for it.

What makes this different is what it has taken to get where we are. It took a second opinion to get an actual biopsy. We already knew, but watchful waiting was not an option we agreed with, since an MRI has shown it had increased in size from when they found it a year or so earlier. A biopsy, multiple PSA’s, a genetic test, and several MRI’s gave us the information needed and a more thorough education on Prostate Cancer. After much vigilance and many different doctors’ appointments, we, finally, seem to be on the right track.

With September being Prostate Awareness Month, I am attaching a link to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, where my husband got some very useful information. Please, it is imperative that you be your own best advocate. As we keep being told, “Most men die with prostate cancer, not from it.” But, they can die. It is silent. Men–get checked. Women–make sure your men get checked. Don’t become a statistic!

About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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