Descendant Rising by Shanon Grey is here!

Finally!!!! Descendant Rising is available in PRINT and DIGITAL on Amazon.

I’m back to Ruthorford, where an injured ex-Marine is about to get a lot more than an advanced prosthesis.

The lone survivor of a horrific helicopter accident, Owen Zachery Henderson, even with a recently amputated arm, is determined to accompany the body of one of his Marine brothers home to Ruthorford and to the grieving widow.

Sandra Carter Beauchard has been trying to face the fact that Ethan is gone. When Ozzy shows up, she’s surprised to see the wounded ex-Marine. They’d met before when he’d stayed at the Abbott Bed & Breakfast, having come to protect his boss and best friend from a murder attempt. Not only is she surprised to learn that Ozzy was the lone survivor of the helicopter crash, but that he knew her husband better than just about anyone, including her.

When Ozzy collapses, he is rushed to Ruthorford’s clinic. After an exam, the doctor decides Ozzy would be a great candidate for an experimental operation. Little does Ozzy know he’s about to get a lot more than an advanced prosthesis.

Soon, it’s discovered that there are secrets Ethan kept from everyone, hoping to take them to his grave. If those secrets begin resurrecting themselves, the results could change lives, and possibly Ruthorford, forever.

Suddenly, Sandra and Ozzy find they need one another. Her, to understand what happened to her husband and for him to understand more about himself. And, together, maybe they can stop the impending danger before it disrupts not only Ruthorford but the entire nation.

Descendant Rising by Shanon Grey on Amazon:

About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense, action, and mystery where science and magic merge.
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