Shanon Grey Exposed

I don’t combine my work life and my author life. Friday, I was in a meeting with a group of leaders (much higher than me–I’m a worker-bee and somehow got put in as a representative for our department) when the head of the group said, “Jerry Hampton.”

I answered, “Yes ma’am,” thinking I’d either done something wrong or forgotten to do it at all.

She said, “I learned something today. Of course, I had to do a bit of sleuthing to find out, but I discovered that you are a published author, quite prolific.”

Then, she announced to the group my author name, Shanon Grey. She told us that when she saw me, she shouted, “I know her!”

Good thing I didn’t have my camera on because, at that moment, Shanon Grey was not in the building. Lol. I have to admit, I smiled for the rest of the day.

Jerry Hampton aka Shanon Grey

About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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