As dreams go ~

He sat in the grass as I stepped around the house, rose, and followed me to the front door. About the size of a large cat, he had a longish neck and a brontosaurus type head. His round eyes were amber and his skin was a mottled burnt orange. He seemed to want to stay close to me and chortled, wanting to be petted. I opened the door and he followed me inside, happily hopping up onto the arm of my recliner. His skin had a soft kid-like leather feel to it with what appeared to be elongated side slits/folds that I assumed would later become wings. When I woke, he was leaning against me as I browsed Facebook, licking ice cream off my finger with a raspy tongue.

About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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