Inside the Currents of Destiny

3D CoD Cover for transRecently, I published Currents of Destiny, a story created from a time in my life long ago, in a place that I love, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Though the story is fiction, many memories were brought to the forefront as I wrote it. A dear friend, Nanci Campbell Tatem, was very excited about me doing this story and encouraged me along the way. Sadly, near the end, she found out she had cancer and passed away before it went to press. Also, right as it went to publication, the novel corona virus’ spread took off. We are still in the middle of this horrific pandemic and I pray each day that it can be conquered. I know everyone, everywhere, is fighting to stay safe, while researchers are trying fervently to find a cure and a vaccine.

Although I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, my family had not been there for years. My arrival back in the area came by virtue of the kindness of my aunt, who took me in when no one else would have me. A wayward, bitter teen, I was befriended by a rather diverse bunch of people, all different and not singularly in alignment with one another. They managed, in their diversity, to offer a bedraggled girl friendship, family, and community. It is to their credit that I was able to create many of the characters in Currents of Destiny. I will leave it to your imagination to determine which ones.

Currents of Destiny is available in both print and digital: Amazon – COD-padtrans

As we go forward, please stay safe, stay away from others, and wash your hands. Pray for an end to this scourge and for the safety for all those incredible people on the front lines.

About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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