Book-signing at Moreland


The morning of July 4th dawned bright and hot. I had already set up the tables the afternoon before so I just had a few things to throw together, besides myself, and off we went, following our normal route. We arrive just in time to be stopped for the Kids’ Patriotic Bike and Patriotic Dog Parade. I am sorry I didn’t get pictures of this, they were so cute, but I was running a bit late.20190704_090717

I would like to introduce my helper, the elusive hubby. I promise you, I couldn’t do these book-signing events without him. By the time we are done, we have loaded down my extended Trailblazer with tables, chairs, banner stands (out of sight in the hallway), books,  decorations, and food and drinks. You figure, by the time it’s over, we’ve packed and unpack it all four times. When I say we are beat by the time we’ve done the last unpack, I’m not joking. We can barely move.

I took a moment to stroll around, even though I didn’t get outside to see the20190704_105634.jpg food vendors or the BBQ, which is the star of the day’s celebration here in Moreland. It has become an annual event, and more than just Moreland now show up. I hear the lines are long and last for hours, beginning long before they start serving. One of my favorite people is Jimmy (sorry I don’t know his last name). He makes sure that everyone and everything runs smoothly, including the rowdy kids that descend on the Museum, where the authors are, to get cool, carrying all sorts of sticky goodies. I admit to holding my breath a couple of times as they turned the Museum into their playground.

20190704_105528.jpgThe day started out with a treat for me–the Barbershop Quartet chose the Museum to warm up their voices. I never tire of hearing them.

Puckett Station is divided into three sections. The Museum, the middle section–a long narrow section between two large areas, and a large open area used for all sorts of venues. This year the center section held a brass band and a20190704_105736 WWI display area, set up by some Veterans organizations.



The vendors filled the large open area full of handmade and unique items, including some delicious baked goods. It offered a respite for attendees and a place for some to nosh on some yummy BBQ before browsing the vendors’ tables.


Moreland, a small town with a very big heart, puts on events several times a year and has always invited me to participate, quite an honor for this author. I hear from Carol Chancey, who does an incredible job organizing these events, that there is a lot more to come this year and I look forward to participating each time and then telling you all about them.


About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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