Celebrating the 4th in Style!

20170704_094407Once, again, Shanon Grey was invited to participate in the Moreland, Georgia, 4th of July Celebration and BBQ. Moreland, one of the inspirations for Ruthorford, sits kinda south of the airport where Eyrk Vreeland lands his Phenom 100 when coming to visit the home of his twin brother Dorian.20170704_094512

Vendors and booksellers set up in Puckett Station, Moreland’s museum for local famous writer and humorist,Louis Grizzard, and the once prosperous knitting mill.

Fun20170704_100435 and food always abounds for those venturing to the small southern town. This year, the kids were treated to the appearance of a beautiful parrot, who enjoyed visiting the vendors and hoping for a small treat or two.

Quilts, art, jewelry, pottery, crafts and food were just some of the vendors offering visitors a 20170704_100954sample of homemade artistry.

Outside, to keep a reminder of times gone by, and how Moreland’s central train station ensured access to and from the small 20170703_155914town for merchants, a train or two will pass by, blowing the whistle in welcome.

Of course, one of the main attractions on this festive day, is the marvelous BBQ, which begins filling the air with its rich aroma the afternoon before,20170703_160346 enticing anyone who drives by to come back the next day to fulfill that need for slow smoked BBQ.

Naturally, Shanon Grey was there. It’s impossible to stay away, when one of the towns that inspired her stories celebrates the nation’s birthday! I saw some old friends and made some new. It was the perfect way to spend my July the 4th!!!20170710a_102458


About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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