Be My Valentine – Ruthorford Style

As you can imagine, Valentine’s Day in Ruthorford is a very special occasion. It all begins with the gathering of the Valentine’s Day Dance Committee, which invariably includes Teresa Abbott-Rutherford, the venerable sisters, Miss Grace and Miss Alice, the postmistress, Brenda, and anyone else they can wrangle into the mix.

First, they approach the Davis’ about the use of their big red barn. This barn has been used every year since heaven knows when, but they still follow the formality the elders feel is customary. Rowe and John, their parents now gone, have tried to tell them the barn will always be available–but you know The Committee–

Once the barn is a “given,” it is the responsibility of the Committee to get the decorating sub-committee in action. This committee is comprised of any able body in Ruthorford (and most everyone in Ruthorford is able-bodied) who, at the beck and call of The Committee, will transform said red barn into a glittering, glowing, party arena.

The invitations are a big event and it takes the full Committee to design and address each year’s increasing number of invitations. Of course, it seems that every year, a larger and larger number of descendants (did I mention this was for descendants only) have to be reached outside of Ruthorford, much to the chagrin of The Committee. Nevertheless, sense The Committee can’t seem to constrain the wanderings of its young people, they turn over the business of finding these wanderers to Brenda, the Post-Mistress. The quaint little Victorian post office becomes a beehive of activity soon after the winter holiday decorations are taken down and the Valentine’s trimmings take their place.

With invitations in the mail and the barn being decorated, Teresa takes over cooking for the event. Abbott Bed and Breakfast is known for its sumptuous food and this time of year is no different. There are cookies and candies to make, pastries to bake–with the exception of the pies, which are provided by the sisters, Alice and Grace, who for Valentines Day, create these incredible little tarts. But I digress. For the more health conscious, there are platters of fruits, cheeses, and various meats. Oh, did I forget to mention the chocolate fountain. No one has yet to get Teresa’s recipe for the chocolate that flows from this tower, but it is simply to die for, and she provides home-made pound cake and strawberries for dipping, as well as these little rolled delicate cookies no one can replicate.

Well, I’ve given you a hint as to the goings on in Ruthorford on Valentine’s Day. If you want to learn more, please take a peek at my little story, Finding Your Valentine. I think you will enjoy learning a bit more about the descendants of Ruthorford and their very “special” Valentine’s Day Dance.


About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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