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RisingStarShanon Grey is November’s Rising Star in InD’tale magazine with her novels, The Shoppe of Spells, Meadow’s Keep, and Pennyroyal Christmas. Check it out.

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Visit to Swansbrough Manor ~ Shiver Me Timbers

                                        I love Halloween. Always have. When my kids were little, I went all out, or as much as I could on aIMG_1525

limited budget. Then, when I moved to GA and started writing, I decorated for my stories and posts–which I shared with you again this year, in honor of Pookie. However, with a new full-time job on top of my full-time author job, I figured this year I would forgo the extra work. Unfortunately, for me, that also meant forgoing the joy I have at Halloween.

NOT SO! Last night I went to Swansbrough Manor to see their Halloween Haunts. I figured, “Okay, he made a small yard setup.” Boy, was I very wrong. So, won’t you join me as I traverse the thrills and chills of Swansbrough Manor ~

The event has grown so large, a kind neighbor across the street opened up a vacantIMG_1485 lot for parking. As you approach, you are greeted by this pirate vessel. Let me tell you, pirates would have been thrilled with this vessel. It’s huge!

And that’s not the only one. There are four!

IMG_1531 copyIMG_1494All of which offer a Caribbean Cruise ~ just not one to your liking ~IMG_1488_edited-1

IMG_1502But first ~ you have to wander through the graveyard.  Sadly, many a pirate lost his life to the briny deep, leaving his love to wander forever searching and awaiting his return. IMG_1498 copy

IMG_1506IMG_1495Ever see one of those paintings where the eyes following you? Here the eyes follow you and IMG_1491the song haunts you, until you find yourself fleeing for the witches abode ~ which is just past the phantom sailor IMG_1491

  and the swaying pumpkinhead ~IMG_1505

IMG_1507 copyThere you will have a young guide. You better follow her, or she  will follow you

IMG_1511 These witches seem musically inclined, for they offer you a song ~

Sung by the bust of a man long gone ~IMG_1532When you flee – beware! You’ve stepped through a portal into the Bayou ~

IMG_1513 copyWhere the witches wait, surrounded by swamps. Look out, those things nipping at your ankles might be alligators. I ran too fast to catch a picture of them. I did manage to see what she’d done with those pirates that hang around too long ~IMG_1514 IMG_1517 copyOr, she let the mermaid have ’em ~

Alas, we found one lass who’d found her man ~IMG_1518-copy copyDo you think we should tell her he’s not all he’s cracked up to be?


IMG_1520I thought this pirate looked too happy. Then I saw the brig ~ and the hound from hell who guards the keys ~

IMG_1522As we made our way through, the darkness shrouded any picture taking. Not that I was IMG_1525thinking about that…I was too busy running through. But I was stopped by one final offer ~ to spend my days and foreverafter within Davy Jones’ Locker ~

As we left, our pockets a bit lighter, all the proceeds going to a local school’s art and music programs, we stopped to thank Captain Steve for making Halloween the holiday it should be ~

IMG_1533 copyTil next year mateys!


About Shanon Grey

I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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