MEADOW’S KEEP Book Trailer

The Meadow’s Keep Book Trailer is here! Enjoy!


       Meadow’s Keep is here!

Spark from tip to tipHowever, you can read any GateKeepers’ book first. They all lead to Ruthorford!


MicrophoneI want to thank everyone who tuned in to the Reader’s Entertainment Radio Show featuring Shanon Grey

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Now Available to download from Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords!!!!


 MK FINALlrgkJasmine Monroe hauled the suitcase out from under the bed and, using both hands, hoisted the reinforced leather case onto the mattress. With swift movements, she flipped the latches on either side of the handle. Sweat beaded and slid down the cleavage between her breasts. She twisted her shoulders and pulled the damp T-shirt away from her body, fanning it.

She threw back the lid. Inside lay a tangled mass of chains and locks, some open, some closed. She grabbed a large lock and cursed when it resisted her tug, captured by the weight of the chaos around it. Holding the closed padlock in her right hand, she narrowed her eyes, focusing on the mechanism. She heard a crackle as the current moved from her body. The shackle slipped out of the lock and twisted to the side. She upended the lock to allow the chains to fall back into the suitcase and tossed the lock on the bed.

Jasmine thrust her hand back into the mass of chains. Using the back of her left forearm, she wiped the sweat away from her upper lip. Ah, gotcha! She twisted through the chains and yanked several times. The $1,400.00 military-grade titanium padlock moved a few inches, then stopped, still attached to two heavy-duty links of metal. As before, she held the padlock and concentrated. Nothing happened. She pressed her lips together. Her obsidian eyes narrowed. As her other hand moved forward, she resisted the urge and pulled it back. No, she had to be able to do it single-handed. She felt the energy build and move into her hand. With a loud pop, the padlock’s shackle gave way. She yanked it free of the chains and, turning around, slid down the side of the bed to the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Jasmine’s gaze drifted down. Through the blur of tears, she could still see the scar on her wrist. Never again would some son of a bitch chain her to anything. Never again would another person have control over her body.

Meadow’s Keep  ~ Book Two ~ The GateKeepers


The Shoppe of Spells   ~ Book One ~ The GateKeepers

ShoppeOfSpells DigitalCover112311NNversion

Available for download from Amazon! Print available on Amazon and B & N!


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I am a Fiction::Weaver, weaving stories of suspense and romance with threads of the paranormal.
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